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Union Elite Training

Union Elite is a premier program for student athletes seeking to improve their performance.

Photo: Coach Marv, by: UEB

Union Elite Training

Skillz Training

Skillz Training - Union Elite is a premier basketball program for athletes seeking to improve their performance. We provide athletic-based training with accountability, direction and encouragement to non-athletes. Our program is custom tailored to helping an athlete reach their maximum potential.

Union Elite promotes athletic performance in all aspects of training for serious athletes through methods of sport specific strength, speed, agility, training, nutrition and hard work ethic.

Character Development

  • Embodies D1 Character
  • Values a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Demonstrates Strong Work Ethic

Strength & Conditioning

  • Increased Olympic Lifting Proficiency & Utilization
  • High-Level Strength & Conditioning Programming
  • Increased Capacity for Work Hypertrophy

Speed and Power

  • Advanced Linear Acceleration
  • Advanced Agility
  • High-Level Plyometric Training

Movement and Skill

  • Advanced Footwork, Coordination & Balance
  • Optimal Mobility & Flexibility
  • Advanced Injury Prevention Techniques
  • High-Performance Conditioning

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